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Biology Classes by Meenakshi Lal

30 min free intro call | Biology | 10,11 & 12 | CBSE/ICSE

  • 30 min

Service Description

“I have 4 years’ experience as online tutor. I have friendly interaction with students and believe in personnel grooming of each students. I provide constant feedback for consistent growth of students. My explanation of topics is well backed up by real life examples and various visual aids which help students to understand easily. I assess students’ learning through various assignments and test works. I either provide information about best study materials available in the market or share my books with them online.” ---- Meenakshi Lal Work Experience: Online Tutor (10,11 &12) Course: Biology Roles & Responsibilities ∙ Led class online using Whiteboard and PowerPoint along with various platform like Skype, Zoom, hangouts, Any Desk. ∙ Communicated with students using online chat features and headphones for voice. ∙ Provided consistent feedback to students related to each lesson taught. ∙ Assessed students learning through discussions, projects, and formal assessments. ∙ Maintained a positive attitude and demonstrated enthusiasm during engagement with students. ∙ Completed all required documentation to monitor and assess student performance. Education: M.Sc (Biotechnology) Northumbria University, United Kingdom (2009-2010) B.Sc (Biotechnology) Bangalore University (2004-2008)

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