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Modern learning: how to avoid internet distractions during class

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Learning requires focus! In an era of devices, ubiquitous internet and abundance of knowledge one more thing that has become abundant is - notifications. Be it on your mobile, desktop or even on smart watch. It is almost impossible to not look at a small little notifications pop up that appears right at the time when the teacher is explaining the most important concept in the class. The student loses focus - doesn't understand the concept clearly - loses interest in the rest of the class and that's it!

The teacher also remains a passive entity in a virtual online class as she cannot check the notifications pinging on the ether end the class on their students' devices. She can neither pause to allow it or regain the students' attention by engaging with them. There is virtually no way to prevent distractions in an online classroom with a large number of students., brought to you by Worksera, provides opportunity for 1:1 classes so that teacher and students remain engaged continuously throughout the class. She can modulate the class according to the level of understanding by the student and her interest level.

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