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How to Avoid Distractions During Online Class

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Living in the era of technological advancements comes with its own pros and cons. While it is a boon to be able to attend meetings and classes at the click of a button, it is incredibly difficult to stay attentive and undistracted. Our attention span is constantly put to test with notifications that pop out on our laptop, mobile screens and smart watches. When we as adults are grappling with the issue of staying focused, how would we be able to enforce it on our children.

Learning needs focus. With every little distraction, there is focus and attention span that is lost. Teachers are most often incapacitated to prevent the students from getting distracted which would ultimately mean poor concentration and academic results. With absolutely no visibility to the child’s screen, the teacher would not know when a notification pops up or if the child is lost in thoughts.

To do away with this inevitable problem, at LEARN.WIN, we focus on personalized coaching. We understand that the student and teacher can be more involved in a personalized coaching environment as compared to a group class.

Want to know what makes personalized coaching stay a step ahead of group coaching?

· Helps the teacher explore attentiveness and thought patterns

The teacher can spare more time and concentration on just a single student making it easier to judge if the child has received the concepts well and is thorough with it. The child’s thought patterns are easier to analyze for the teacher enabling her to periodically prioritize getting the child’s attentiveness back on track.

· Helps to pace up or down the class

Each child comes with a different set of learning needs and ability. A one-size-fits-all model would not necessarily cater to the needs of every child. This is precisely where personalized coaching is beneficial. Depending on the child’s pace of learning, the teacher could modulate and structure the class to get the desired outcome.

· Guarantees better Q&A and conceptual clarity

When the classroom is limited to just the student and the teacher, it is noted that the students open-up more to asking doubts and clarifying themselves. The key reason to this behavioral pattern is that the fear of being judge by peers is completely eliminated. Hence, personalized coaching also means more clarification of doubts and thus a better understanding of the subject.

· Facilitates lesser procrastination and better goal-attainment

With personalized coaching, the teacher and student has more quality time spent in discussions and building an interest towards the subject. With the child’s growing interest towards the subject, there are lesser chances of assignments being incomplete and concepts unclarified. This is a positive sign towards attaining the academic goals of the student.

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